Project Description

Pond Mix Small

Pond Fish Food for Ornamental Fish
Pond fish food with natural astaxanthin for Koi, Gold and pond fish species.Thanks to its colorful texture, it attracts and mesmerizes your fish. This food is specially prepared for healthy & fast growth and full color development of your fish. It contains highly digestible and specific raw materials consumed with appetite by the fish without any water pollution. It provides healthy and fast development by supporting the immune system.

Directions for Use
Feed 2-3 times a day, as much as the fish can consume within a few minutes.

Fish meal, Shrimp meal, Krill meal, Cereals (wheat, millet semolina, cornstarch, bran), Sunflower meal, Molasses, Vitamin mixture, Mineral mixture, Carophylpink.

Nutritional Values

Protein 18%
Fat 3%
Cellulose 4%
Moisture 5%
Ash 6%


0 g
1000 ml

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