Project Description

Arowana Sticks

Complete Food for Ornamental Fish
A sticks food specially prepared for your Arowana fish. For healthy, fast and maximum color development of your fish; it includes premium quality algae with protein, DHA, carotenoid content; and crustacean flour, spirulina and chlorella as a natural color source. Thanks to these rich raw materials which are easily digestible, it will be consumed with appetite by your fish while ensuring that the pollution rate is minimized and an ideal habitat is created for the fish. It also strengthens the immune and digestive systems with its vegetable essences.

Fish and fish byproducts (premium fish meal), cereals, vegetable protein sources, soybean meal, plant based oil, high quality fish oil, mollusks and shellfish (krill meal, gammarusmeal, squid meal), algae (schizochytrium sp., chlorella sp., spirulina sp.), garlic, vitamin premix, mineral premix, mold inhibitor, choline chloride, carophyl pink.

Directions for Use
Feed 2-3 times a day, as much as the fish can consume within a short time.

Nutritional Values

Protein 49%
Fat 8%
Cellulose 3%
Moisture 7%
Ash 6%


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