Project Description

Spirulina & Garlic

Complete Food For Ornamental Fish
This extruded food is enriched with a unique combination of spirulina and garlic ingredients for healthy and optimal growth of your ornamental fish. This food contains highly digestible and carefully selected ingredients consumed with appetite by the fish while improving the natural color of the fish and promoting better growth. This product provides protection and treatment against parasites and harmful bacteria, in addition to strengthening the immune system

Fish and fish byproducts (premium fish meal), cereals, vegetable protein sources, soybean meal, plant based oils, fish oil, mollusks and shellfish (krill meal, squid meal), algae (schizochytrium sp., chlorella sp., spirulina sp.), garlic, vitamin premix, mineral premix, mold inhibitor, choline cloride, carophyl pink.

Directions for Use
Feed 1 – 2 times a day, as much as the fish can consume within a short time.

Nutritional Values

Protein 49%
Fat 8%
Cellulose 3%
Moisture 7%
Ash 6%


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