Project Description

Tanganyika Fish

Complete Food For Ornamental Fish
This highly palatable and plant based extrude food is specially formulated for Tanganyika lake CICHLID species. It contains algae with high protein, DHA and carotenoids and crustacean flour, spirulina and chlorella as a natural color source for healthy, fast growth and maximum color development of your fish. Due to its highly digestible, PLANT BASED specific raw materials consumed with appetite, it results in minimum water pollution and assures good water quality. It supports fish health and digestive system with its plant extract and vitamin C content.

Premium cereals, vegetable protein sources, soybean meal, plant based oils, fish oil, mollusks and shellfish (krill meal, gammarus meal, squid meal), algae (schizochytrium sp., chlorella sp., spirulina sp.), garlic, vitamin premix, mineral premix, mold inhibitor, choline cloride, carophyl pink.

Directions for Use
Feed 2 or 3 times a day, as much as the fish can consume within a short time. Overfeeding should be avoided.

Nutritional Values

Protein 42%
Fat 7%
Cellulose 3%
Moisture 7%
Ash 6%


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