Project Description

Turtle Food

Complete Food For Turtles
It is a highly nutritious turtle food. It has been scientifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of water turtles and their eating habits in their natural environment. This food contains high quality protein sources, sterile gammarus meal, algae, Vitamin D, Vitamin C and minerals to support healthy growth of your turtle, natural growth of the shell.

Fish and fish byproducts (premium fish meal), gammarus meal, cereals, vegetable protein sources, soybean meal, plant based oils, fish oil, mollusks and shellfish (krill meal, squid meal), algae (schizochytrium sp., chlorella sp., spirulina sp.), garlic, vitamin premix, mineral premix, mold inhibitor, choline cloride, carophyl pink.

Directions for Use
Feed 1-2 times a day, as much as the turtle can consume within several minutes.

Nutritional Values

Protein 40%
Fat 5%
Cellulose 4%
Moisture 8%
Ash 6%


0 g
100 ml
0 g
250 ml
0 g
1000 ml

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